The Latin American Regional Section of the International Association for Statistical Computing (IASC-LARS) may award a Best Conference Paper Award at the VII Latin American Conference on Statistical Computing and a Best Poster Award at the VII Latin American Conference on Statistical Computing (VII LACSC). The name of the awards are “IASC-LARS Best Conference Paper Award 2023 (IASC-LARS-BCPA23)” and “IASC-LARS Best Poster Award 2023 (IASC-LARS-BPA23)”

Award process and prizes

1. The winner of the IASC-LARS-BCPA23 and the IASC-LARS-BPA23 will be awarded at the closing ceremony at LACSC 2023 (3th of April, 2023).
a. A certificate will be issued to the winners.
b. The winners must provide (until 30th of April, 2023) a brief biographical sketch and good-quality photographs to be used in the advertising process.

2. The winners will automatically become a regular member of the International Association for Statistical Computing for one year (2024).
3. The winners will receive a discount code for use in the ISI World Statistics Conference (WSC) Registration system.
4. The winners will be announced in the WSC edition of the ISI and Associations Awards Brochure and for the WSC Awards Presentation.


To be eligible for the IASC-LARS-BCPA23 and the IASC-LARS-BPA23, the authors
1. Must be a young researcher, i.e., be a student or, in the case of having received a doctoral degree, it must have been granted within the last 5 years from the date of his/her application.
2. Must have submitted a poster or oral communication paper to the LACSC conference.
3. Must have presented a poster or an oral communication at the LACSC conference.


The candidate papers submitted to the IASC-LARS-BCPA23 and the IASC-LARS- BPA23 must be evaluated according to the following assessment criteria.
a) Technical excellence (weighting 40%)
● Rigorous development of mathematical and statistical theories, the use of computer applications, and results.
b) Originality and innovation (weighting 25%)
● Proposal and/or use of new theories, methodologies, procedures, models, applications, creative solving problem approaches, novel empirical results.

c) Relevance and impact (weighting 25%)
● The proposals –theories and/or results– contribute to a body of knowledge developed by the scientific community in the area. The proposals allow the emergence of a completely new line of theoretical development, the verification of relevant empirical results, the development of applications in a variety of disciplines.

d) Clarity and organization (weighting 10%)
● Clarity and coherence in the exposition of theories, concepts, models, applications, results. Text quality and organization of the paper. Identification of the problem, methodology, and solution.

A selection Committee will be designated for the awards.

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